Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Q. What is the mission of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship?
The Center’s mission is to help build a better tomorrow by bringing together the intellectual capital of our renowned faculty, the passion and curiosity of our bright students, and the great minds of our city’s business community in order to drive change, solve problems, break barriers and create possibility.

Q. How do these initiatives connect to the mission of Augustana University?
At Augustana, we often say that our students enter to learn and leave to serve. That’s because here, we’re dedicated to helping students find not only careers, but lives of meaning, purpose and service.

Our commitment to serving those in need, improving quality of life, and instilling a life-long love of learning is a cornerstone of our institution.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an extension of Augustana’s mission to serve the communities we all call home.

We all know that Augustana is the place great thinkers come to dream big dreams and forge new pathways toward a brighter tomorrow. By connecting the thinkers and dreamers on campus to leaders in business, healthcare, financial services, nonprofit work, the arts and other industries, we believe we can build a better world tomorrow.

Q. Where do the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s ideas and initiatives come from?
The great thing about ideas is that they can happen anywhere – from a sketch on a napkin over coffee to conversations that pick up speed over long and winding car rides.

When it comes to ideas, we’re not picky – it doesn’t matter to us where they come from.

The important question we ask is this: Does the idea serve a need in our community and does the idea align with Augustana's mission?

If so, we begin a process through which we explore:

  • Does AU have the intellectual capital to explore the idea and take it to the next level?
  • Can we identify organizations within the community to partner with us on the idea?  

Q. How does AU support the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship?
The programs and initiatives under the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship are self-funding endeavors whose revenues cover expenses.