Professional Development at Your Desk

Can’t break away for a day-and-a-half training session? 

Watch our video series and learn about the attributes of successful fundraisers, how to build better relationships with donors and clients, how to promote the joy of giving, and more.

It’s professional development at your desk — offered complimentary from the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at Augustana University. The full Institute focuses on topics such as professional selling, relationship selling, ethics and legalities of fundraising, effective communication, cause sales fundamentals and development, and fundamentals of “The Art of Asking.” The video series provides a broad overview of these areas.

Module 1: Attributes of Successful Fundraisers

Module 2: Resourcefulness, Time Management, Initiative, Perseverance and Gratitude

Module 3: Prospecting

Module 4: The Pre-Approach


Module 5: The Approach

After watching these videos, if you have questions about how to apply these methods to your role, contact us at