Community Opportunities

Psychology students study in Brazil

There are many ways community members can engage with the research ongoing at Augustana's Psychology department.  We welcome your involvement!

Participating in research

Preschool Storybook Studies (Read our 2010 Developmental Lab Newsletter!)

Can storybook reading sessions help preschool-age children (3-5) boost their vocabulary? Dr. Olivia Lima, a developmental psychologist specializing in cognitive development and educational applications of psychology, is currently investigating this question. This research study was featured on KELO TV  on April 20, 2010.  If you are interested in more information on how your child (or school) could participate in a study, contact Dr. Lima.

Aging and Memory

How does aging affect our memory for names, and what techniques can we use to help boost memory?  Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, a cognitive psychologist specializing in memory, attention, and learning, is currently investigating these questions.  If you are over age 62 and interested in participating in a study, contact Dr. Babcock for more information.

Requesting a presentation

If you are interested in having an Augustana psychologist speak to your organization (for example, as part of in-service training for teachers, or as a community event), please feel to contact any of the faculty (email links and phone numbers below).  We would be happy to discuss options with you.

Dr. Elizabeth Babcock (Cognitive psychology: aging, memory, learning) — 605.274.5419

Dr. Ben Jeppsen (Counseling psychology) — 605.274.5479

Dr. Olivia Lima (Developmental psychology: early childhood, classroom interactions) — 605.274.5440

Dr. Anne Zell (Social psychology: emotions, social comparison, humility) — 605.274.5333