Course Descriptions and Requirements

With five areas of emphasis, students can craft their major toward the career of their dreams.

Majors and Minors

A psychology major can lead to many different careers. As a major with some flexibility, Psychology works well to support another program of study. It is also a strong stand-alone major. Students who intend to pursue careers in psychology should take 35-43 credit hours in psychology. The department advises individuals who wish to attend graduate school and receive letters of recommendation from department faculty to become involved in research projects with department faculty or gain experience in an off-campus practicum placement.

Course descriptions and requirements for the Psychology major and minor are available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Course descriptions and requirements for the Children and Youth minor are available in the Undergraduate Catalog.


Whether Psychology is your only major, or one of your majors, every student majoring in Psychology is assigned a faculty advisor within the department. Your advisor will work closely with you to help you choose the specific courses that meet your individual needs, keep you on track and on task in fulfilling the General education requirements, and with graduate school plans, and career choices and your future aspirations.

Advising checklist for Psychology majors and minors