Augustana Hosting Conference on Deaf Education

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Date: July 18 - July 20, 2009

Location: Augustana College campus

Ticket Info: Registration available online.

SIOUX FALLS – Augustana College, which offers a major in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, is hosting the Midwest Conference on Deaf Education, July 19-21.

The mission of the Midwest Conference on Deaf Education is to provide professional development opportunities to individuals who work with deaf and hard of hearing youth. The collaboration of various stakeholders in the field at this conference will allow for the sharing of expertise and information regarding current best practices in deaf education with one another and with parents.

The conference goal is this collaboration will promote the academic outcomes of deaf and hard of hearing youth which will enable them to reach their maximum potential and become productive members of the deaf community and society in general.

Dr. Marlon KuntzeDr. Marlon Kuntze is the conference’s keynote speaker. He was born deaf to deaf parents and received his early education at the California School for the Deaf. He was an English-literature major at Gallaudet University, earning his BA in 1975. He has a PhD from Stanford and works full-time on questions related to language, literacy, and deaf education.

Professor Kuntze is currently the director of the programs in deaf studies at Boston University. His broad research interest is in the area of language, cognitive, and literacy development especially within the context of individuals who know two languages. He is currently investigating the development of deaf children who are competent in American Sign Language (ASL) and who are acquiring written English as a second language through the process of developing reading and writing skills.

Cara BarnettCara Barnett, the pre-conference presenter, is currently working as American Sign Language specialist at Texas School for the Deaf. Prior to working at TSD, she worked at Metro Deaf School in Saint Paul for four years, the nation’s first bilingual charter school, as ASL/Deaf studies teacher. Her current areas of interests are ASL literature, collection of ASL poetry and the development ASL literacy for Deaf children. She received her bachelor’s degree in ASL studies and minor in deaf studies in 1996 from Gallaudet University. She received her master’s degree in deaf education at Western Maryland College in 2002.

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