Oct. 26: Premiere of "Somewhere Between" Documentary

Event Details

Date: October 25, 2012

Times: 6 p.m.

Location: Gilbert Science Center Auditorium

Ticket Info: Admission is free to anyone with an Augustana ID and to Cinema Falls season passholders. General admission is $5.

Almost 80,000 girls have been adopted from China by American families since 1989.

The stories of four of those girls are the focus of "Somewhere Between," an award-winning documentary receiving its five-state premiere in a special showing at Augustana College beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct 26, in the Gilbert Science Center Auditorium. The film is being presented as part of the College’s yearlong focus on issues involving China and globalization.

Admission is free to anyone with an Augustana ID and to Cinema Falls season passholders. General admission is $5. Doors will open at 5:30.

Directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton, "Somewhere Between" follows teenage Chinese adoptees Haley, Jenna, Fang and Ann as they navigate their way between the land of their birth and their familiar American homes. Describing themselves as “bananas” – yellow on the outside and white on the inside – they grapple with issues of race, gender and identity more acutely than most girls their age.

Their journeys take them to places as disparate as Berkeley, Nashville and Europe, where they meet a number of fellow adoptees. Some get to return to China, where they see the social and cultural changes wrought by the One-Child Policy that sent them on their way – and where their voyages take turns they could barely imagine.

John Anderson of Variety describes "Somewhere Between" as “a delicately wrought, deeply felt docu-profile.” Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times writes: “It’s not just that the girls turn out to be poised, articulate and candid. Their position between cultures has made them more than usually thoughtful and self-aware ...You’d have to be a stone not to be moved.”

Augustana’s presentation of "Somewhere Between" is the result of a unique collaboration between the College’s UBG Student Film Board, the Civitas honors program, and Cinema Falls, Sioux Falls’ local independent film organization.

Dr. Jeffrey Miller, director of the Civitas honors program, will lead a discussion following the film.

Watch the Trailer:

TRAILER: Somewhere Between - A Feature Documentary from Linda Knowlton on Vimeo.