Dec. 11: Biology Seminar

Event Details

Date: December 10, 2013

Times: 3 p.m.

Location: Room 101, Gilbert Science Center

Ticket Info: Free and open to the public

Join the Biology Department for its Fall Biology Seminars in the Gilbert Science Center:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 11: “Raw Functions of Sushi Domain Containing 2 (SUSD2) in Breast Tumorigenesis”
    Dr. Kristi Egland, Sanford Research
    3 p.m., GSC Room 101

Past Seminars

  • Wednesday, Sept. 25: Augustana REU Student Research
    Bethany Ahlers, Courtney Moore, Jessica Johnson and Amanda Johnson
    3 p.m., GSC Room 101
  • Friday, Oct. 4: “Applied ecology: replacing insecticides with natural enemies and ecological principles”
    Dr. Jon Lundgren, USDA ARS Lab, Brookings, S.D.
    3 p.m., GSC Room 101
  • Wednesday., Oct. 16: “A model of the pediatric disease cystinosis: monitoring differential gene expression in a cystine transport deficient yeast”
    Dr. Seasson Vitiello, assistant professor of Biology, Augustana College
    3 p.m., GSC Room 101
  • Monday, Nov. 4: “Unraveling the cell biology of bacteria using chemistry”
    Dr. Doug Weibel, University of Wisconsin, Madison - Biochemistry
    3:30 p.m., GSC Room 100
  • Wednesday., Nov. 13: “Developmental biology of the pancreas: (zebra) fishing for answers”
    Dr. Mary Kinkel, Assoc. Scientist, Sanford Children’s Health Res Ctr & USD School of Med, Pediatrics Dept., 3 p.m., GSC Room 101