Augustana’s Eide/Dalrymple Gallery Features "Return to the Floating World: Printmaking and Mixed Media by Johanna Mueller"

Event Details

Date: February 3 - March 5, 2021

Location: Eide/Dalrymple Gallery

Ticket Info: Free and open to the public.

The Eide/Dalrymple Gallery at Augustana University opens “Return to the Floating World: Printmaking and Mixed Media by Johanna Mueller" which will be on view from Wednesday, February 3, through Saturday, March 5. 

 Virtual Gallery Reception
Friday, February 12, at 7 p.m.
via Zoom
Meeting ID: 977 7670 4344
Passcode: 280055

About the Artist

Artist Johanna Mueller creates visual narratives and myths through animal archetypes. “Return to the Floating World” is her newest body of work, created through relief engraving, collage, and mixed media. Her exhibition is a response to feelings of uncertainty, change, and distress seen in the world this past year. Inspired by Japanese Ukiyo-e prints (Ukiyo-e translates as "The Floating World") Mueller’s images are semi-abstract depictions of floating worlds and their animal and bird inhabitants. Through floating and layered forms of the natural world, Mueller’s images speak not only to loss and grief, but also rebellion, hope and perseverance. “2020 was a year full of emotion that often left me wondering where I was and whose life I was watching unfold, much like floating outside oneself,” notes Mueller in her artist statement for the exhibition. “These artworks attempt to reconcile my own witness of the last few years, culminating in 2020.”

While her inspiration is drawn from our troubled times, her images still allow beauty and celebrate our natural world. “I have long followed the work of Johanna Mueller, and we are excited to be able to bring this exhibition to campus,” says Gallery Director Lindsay Twa. “Johanna is a virtuoso relief engraver. She uses all of her talent and skill to create work that is both technically complex and emotionally charged.”

Johanna Mueller is a nationally known printmaker from Colorado. She earned a BFA in printmaking from The Metropolitan University of Denver and an MFA in printmaking from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Mueller has been the recipient of the Laila Twigg Smith Artist Residency Program at the Donkey Mill Arts Center in Kona, HI; the Jentel Artist Residency in Banner, WY; Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts Residency in Saratoga, WY; and Anderson Ranch Arts Center Residency in Snowmass, CO. Please explore more of her work at

Visiting the Eide/Dalrymple Gallery

The Eide/Dalrymple Gallery is located at 30th Street and Grange Avenue, in the Center for Visual Arts at Augustana University. The gallery is open to the public and free of charge. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturday from 1-4 p.m. The gallery is closed Sundays and major holidays. Guests must wear face masks, sanitize hands and abide by physical distancing requirements.



Dr. Lindsay Twa, Chair