Theatre: 'Mother Courage and Her Children'

Augustana Theatre Presents "Mother Courage and Her Children" April 5-8, 2017

Event Details

Date: April 5 - April 8, 2017

Times: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Edith Mortenson Center Theatre

Ticket Info: $15 for adults | $10 for seniors (65+) | Free for students K-12 and those with a valid Augustana ID

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Augustana Performing & Visual Arts will present the stage production of “Mother Courage and Her Children” by Bertolt Brecht at 7:30 p.m. on April 5-8 in the Edith Mortenson Center Theatre.

Tickets are $15 for adults; $10 for seniors; and are free for students K-12 and those with a valid Augustana ID. Tickets are available at

About the Show

The story by Brecht follows Mother Courage and her children through 12 years of the holy war of the early 17th century through Sweden, Poland, Finland, Bavaria, and Italy. Mother Courage's first son is a dolt, but he makes a dashing soldier and plunderer. Her second son is honest, and he meets an early death from a firing squad. His name is Swiss Cheese. So now Mother Courage and her dumb daughter follow the armies with their wagon and wares, as first one side then another wins. They acquire in their train a chaplain and a cook. Until, one day, peace is declared. But it is too brief. The plundering soldier son is brought to shame, and the daughter who would be married is shot instead. War is resumed; for it seems that, like love, it is perpetual.

Dress Rehearsal Photos

Dress Rehearsal: "Mother Courage and Her Children"

Photos by Mike Shafer.