A Winter's Tale: Dear Life

A Winter's Tale at the Mikkelsen Library

Event Details

Date: January 31, 2016

Times: 1:30 p.m.

Location: Mikkelsen Library

Ticket Info: General Admission: $15 | Tickets available at the door | Contact the Library for more information: 605.274.4921

The Augustana Library Associates will present "A Winter’s Tale: Dear Life" at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 31, at the Mikkelsen Library on the campus of Augustana University.

Dr. Sandra Looney '62, professor of English at Augustana, is the mistress of ceremonies for this program of literature and music. The event's readers are Carrie Aaron, Jill McManus, Ron Parsons, Charles Holmes, Margaret Novak and Kyle Rogers.

Music for the afternoon will be provided by Craig Spencer and Gary Pederson.

A reception will follow the event.

Tickets are $15 and are available at the door.

Contact the Library for more information: 605.274.4921.

As a support group for the Mikkelsen Library, the Augustana Library Associates strengthen the financial base of the Library to promote the expansion of Library holdings and services and to enhance opportunities for academic excellence. Additionally, the Library Associates provide a program of cultural events and continuing education for the benefit of members, the University and the community.

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