Frequently Asked Weather-Related Questions

How will I know if classes are canceled or delayed?

In the event of winter weather that would require classes being canceled and the campus closing for a period of time, the following steps are taken to notify all faculty, staff and students:

What happens if severe weather develops during the day?

In the event Augustana University officials declare a weather emergency during normal business/class hours, all classes will be canceled and nonessential employees will be dismissed early. The notification will be made via the same methods described above. In addition, offices on campus will be called and notices posted throughout the campus.

How are decisions made to cancel classes?

In consultation with the Department of Campus Safety, the National Weather Service, and local public safety agencies, the President decides to cancel classes or curtail activities based on road conditions and weather forecasts. When possible, this decision will be made before 6:00 a.m. so notice can go out before people start their travel to class.

What if I'm driving from out of town during a snowstorm?

Augustana University recognizes that weather conditions vary drastically from area to area. Classes will be held or canceled based on Sioux Falls weather conditions, even though there may be a blizzard raging elsewhere in the state or adjoining areas. Regardless of administrative decisions made because of winter storms, it is clearly understood that each individual is best able to judge his or her own circumstances and make appropriate decisions. The University does not encourage anyone to place themselves in dangerous or life-threatening situations.