Highlights, Special Features and Opportunities

Community is one of the core values at Augustana University as seen in the numerous clubs and organizations students are involved in outside the classroom.


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Clubs and Organizations

Many students are involved in our national award-winning chapter of the Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS). This student group has been awarded a Green Chapter label multiple times and has placed in the top tier of SAACS groups in the country. Students have traveled to National ACS meeting to accept awards most recently in San Francisco, New Orleans, and Chicago — and will pick up their latest two national awards this March in Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • Cooperative Chemical Engineering 3-2 Program: Students can enroll for three years at Augustana, taking courses in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and the liberal arts. They then move on to the engineering school at Iowa State University, Washington University (St. Louis) or Columbia University (New York). At the end of their fourth year, they graduate with a B.A. in chemistry from Augustana. After the fifth year, they graduate from the cooperating university with a B.S. in chemical engineering. Graduates of this premier program often receive preferred job placement.
  • Chemical Physics Major: Today’s cutting-edge science is multidisciplinary. This major combines the best of the chemistry and physics majors to provide a unique background for further education. Students are allowed to select courses leading to a chemistry or physics emphasis.
  • Biochemistry: This American Chemical Society approved degree is designed for students that wish to go to graduate school in biochemistry or related fields, but is also popular with students going on to professional schools, such as medical or dental schools. It combines courses from chemistry, biology, physics and math. Research opportunities abound in the Sioux Falls area in the biochemistry field, including at Augustana with professors.
  • The Trustees' Fellowship in Chemistry: Created by former professor Dr. Gary Earl, this is an Honors program for entering freshmen. Chemistry and Biochemistry majors participate in a value-added one-credit course that covers the philosophy and nature of chemistry and examine a variety of career paths. These students also participate as junior laboratory assistants. Students who meet the requirements for the Fellowship are strongly encouraged to apply for research funding during the summer after their freshman year.