IMAP Access to GroupWise

IMAP Access to GroupWise - for devices not capable of Mobile Sync

IMAP allows most deivces to access GroupWise email (but not the calendar or address book). If you have a device, like the Kindle Fire, that can't  use the high bandwidth graphics of GroupWise Web Access and can't use the GroupWise Mobility Server, then you will need to use IMAP.

iPhone, iPad, and most Android phone users should click this link: Groupwise Mobility Server for instructions.

PC, Mac and Laptop uses should click this link: GroupWise Web Access for instructions.

Kindle Fire and other device users who can't use the above can follows these instructions. The set up for these devices can vary depending on your particular model and version.

  1. Make sure you have a working connection to the internet
  2. Start the Kindle Fire native Email App.
  3. Email Provider: Select OTHER
  4. Enter your Login information
    1. Username:  <your GroupWise account name>
    2. Password: <your password>
  5. What type of account is this:  IMAP (be sure to choose IMAP, NOT POP3)
  6. Incoming server settings
    1. Username: be sure this is  your network/GroupWise Login
    2. Password: you entered this on a previous scree, re-enter if needed
    3. IMAP Server:
    4. Security Type: None
    5. Authentication type: Plain
    6. Click Next to continue, the Kindle will verify your account
  7. Outgoing server settings
    1. SMTP server:
    2. Security type:  TLS (if available)
    3. Port:  587
    4. Require sign in – check this box
    5. Authentication type: Automatic
    6. Username:  Your network/GroupWise login
    7. Password:  Your network/GroupWise password
    8. Click Next, the Kindle will verify your outgoing server
  8. Folder Poll Frequency: We suggest manually or Every 30 Minutes. The more you pull, the faster your batteries will go down.
  9. Click Next to continue
  10. Type your Display Name:   (what goes in the From: line on your sent emails)
  11. Give this account a name:  My GroupWise Account
  12. Send mail from this account by default: Check this if you want email from your kindle to default as being from your GroupWise account.
  13. Your done - click View your Inbox