Policy for Information Technology Purchases

ITS Policy for Information Technology Purchases

All Augustana technology purchases must be approved and coordinated through Information Technology Services (ITS). Any technology not purchased through or with the approval of ITS will not be supported by ITS. For any purchaes over $5,000 ITS will require a signed approval form by your Director/VP and Finance before an order can be placed.

Not supported by ITS means:
- ITS will not troubleshoot or repair unsupported systems,
- ITS may not allow unsupported systems on the network,
- ITS may not load software on unsupported systems.
- Any not supported technology that impairs the campus technology infrastructure will be removed.

ITS imposes this support policy in an effort to:
- limit the number and kinds of systems our staff needs to learn,
- maximize our depth of knowledge on systems ITS has found of high quality and dependability,
- assure the quality and value* of systems purchased by Augustana University,
- assure we can get tech support and parts for supported systems,
- minimize potential security risks.
*There are often significant differences in enterprise quality systems versus consumer quality, off the shelf systems (which are sometimes cheaper, but not better options).

ITS may approve special technology purchases not made thru ITS on a case by case basis. In these special cases, ITS will let the department know what level of support to expect on the equipment, ranging from complete to no support.

In general, all technology purchases should be reviewed by ITS. ITS can assist with most technology needs, but some items further removed from “information technology” will be left up to the department and may not be supportable by ITS. The following is a non-exhaustive list of technology ITS can support and can help purchase:

- Computers & Computer Components (disk drives, RAM, CD/DVD drives),
- Printers,
- Computer Peripherals (disk drives, monitors, mice, keyboards),
- Data Projectors,
- Most Software (specialized software may be left up to the department).

Some of the above will have varying levels of support that will be explained when purchasing. Maintenance and recycling fees will apply to purchases.

Other supplies not purchased thru ITS:
- Printer supplies, ink, toner: Central Services stocks approved printer supplies. Generic and recycled products are not always acceptable.
- Video, TV, Instructional Media (start with Media Services).