Responsible Use of Technology Resources

Augustana University Responsible Use of Technology Resources (Computing, Networking and Electronic Communications)

Policy Statement
Use of technology resources provided by Augustana University is a privilege made available to students, faculty, staff and approved guests of the university to facilitate and enhance their work, teaching, learning and scholarly research. These resources include university-owned hardware, software, accompanying network resources, and technology support personnel. It is expected that technology users will apply a normal standard of academic integrity, polite conduct and respect for the rights and privacy of others. All users are expected to act responsibility and abide by all state and federal laws.

Augustana uses campus e-mail as a primary way of communicating with students and staff. It is expected that all students, faculty and staff will check their university assigned e-mail regularly.

Mis-Use of Technology
Activities that are inconsistent with the Responsible Use Policy will not be tolerated, and may result in revocation of privileges. Such activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Activities that interfere with or deny access to other users.
  • Activities that jeopardize the security or integrity of the system.
  • Activities that are harassing, fraudulent, or threatening.
  • Activities that significantly diminish or impede the educational use of these resources or flow of network traffic to other users, such as email spamming, file sharing or game playing.
  • Activities that alter the configuration of university-owned equipment in campus labs and other public areas, including the installation of software.
  • Activities that are commercial in nature.
  • Activities that create a hostile or offensive work environment.
  • Activities that violate copyright laws or other federal and state statutes.
  • Distributing copyrighted material.
  • Using any materials owned by others in assignments, on your webpage or in any other medium without the express permission of the original owner and without proper citation. The university assumes materials you find on the internet are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated.

The University strives to direct its efforts to the enhancement of technology resources and not the policing of the use of those resources. Engaging in any activity that violates the intended use of campus technology may result in the loss of technology privileges. Student violations will be reported to the University's judicial system through the Dean of Students office, Faculty and Staff violations will be reported to Human Resources. Violations of state or federal law may be reported to the appropriate authorities.