Language Summer Camps

Summer Camp

The Institute offers summer language camps. The camps are advertised in Sioux Falls throughout the spring and also appear on this website.

The 2015 Camp is Cancelled.

The minimum enrollment was not met. Please check back on May 1, 2016, for next year's details.

French Language Camps for Kids

All French Camp classes are taught by instructors with native or near-native proficiency in French; classes take place on the campus of Augustana University. With a commitment to high quality second-language instruction, French Camp classes must have a minimum of five students and will not exceed a maximum of fifteen students. The Language Institute thus reserves the right to cancel camp classes if the minimum enrollment is not met. Contact the Institute for additional information or to register your child.

Cost: Depends on the group size. Please see recent advertisement.


Originally from Belgium, Madame Florence Thompsen holds a Diplôme d'institutrice primaire from Les hautes écoles de Charleroi, in Mons, Belgium. She has taught first- and second-semester French at Augustana.

Madame Shannon Graber once taught in a French immersion program out of state and, after moving to Sioux Falls, she helped pioneer the popular Spanish Immersion program.

Parent Reviews on the 2010 French Language Camp

"French Camp was very interactive and filled with hands-on activities. The teachers were joyous and my girls looked forward to coming every day!"

"N. [my child] came home each day excited to tell me what he did at French Camp. I especially liked that he would jump out of bed in the morning anxious to get back to camp."

"French Camp was, of course, fun and educational. More importantly, it was a week my daughter will remember for a lifetime!"