LISTSERVS and Augustana GroupWise

Listserves police postings by true email address. Augustana's true email addresses are the same as our logins.

When registering for listervs, users should register using their true email address only, never the address.

If you did register with your First.Lastname address, you will still GET listserve email,  but you can't respond to the list itself (everyone on the list).

To fix this, wherever you originally registered for this list (usually a web page), you should be able to unregister your First.Lastname address and re-register using your true address.

You may be able to send an email asking the listserv owner to change your registered address to your true email address - you usually get a message from thelistserv owner if you can't send to the list. For example,

Note that the reason we use the true address when sending dates back to the beginning of the Internet and the issues faculty/staff would have with existing listerve registrations if we changed the format to First.Lastname. It has to be one or the other.