137 AU Students to Study Abroad Over J-Term 2016

Augustana University students will study abroad in January.

In January, 137 Augustana University students will experience classrooms without borders as they spend the month studying the histories, economies, languages and cultures of countries around the globe.

From India to Norway, to Ecuador, Greece and beyond, these real-world courses are part of Augustana’s January Interim, a four-week session designed for curricular exploration and enrichment.

Dubbed J-Term, the session gives students the opportunity to study abroad and partake in special one-time topic courses. The students will complete their studies through the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE), various Augustana programs and independent studies.

Below are Augustana study abroad programs led by faculty members:

  • "The Greek Connection: Exploring our Historical and Cultural Connections in Ancient and Modern Greece," led by Muriel Larson (nursing) and Dr. Geoffrey Dipple (history)
  • "Yucatán Past and Present: Archeology, Culture and Language in Mexico," led by Dr. Michael Rueter (Spanish) and Dr. Cory Conover (history)
  • "Dharma:  Life, Religion and Music in Contemporary India," led by Dr. Sandra Looney (English) and Dr. John Pennington (music)
  • "Music and Theatre in Eastern Europe: Understanding Historical Perspectives and Igniting Passion," led by Dr. Scott Johnson (music) and Jayna Fitzsimmons (theatre)
  • "Leadership in Professional Nursing in Ecuador (Nursing 451)," led by Dr. Patricia Waltman (nursing)
  • "Leadership in Professional Nursing in Norway (Nursing 451)," led by Dr. Pam Schroeder (nursing)

Below are UMAIE J-Term courses led by Augustana faculty:

  • "Inside the Revolution: Life in Socialist Cuba," led Dr. Stephen Minister (philosophy)
  • "Chile: Land of Contrasts," led by Sam Ogdie (Spanish)
  • "The Political Economy of Thailand," led Dr. Reynold F. Nesiba (economics)

In January, Augustana students will also participate in faculty-organized independent study courses in Germany (organized by Dr. Stephan Lhotzky); Guatemala (organized by Dr. Craig Spencer); India (organized by Dr. Julie Ashworth); and Haiti (organized by Dr. Julie Ashworth). Students involved in Civitas, Augustana's honors program, will also study abroad this month in Jamaica, through an experience organized by Dr. Bill Swart.