145 Students Studying Off Campus for J-Term 2018

Nearly 150 Augustana University students will study off campus for J-Term 2018

From India to Ecuador, Norway, Greece, London and beyond, the world is the classroom for 145 Augustana students who will be studying off campus for the month of January.

These real-world courses are part of Augustana’s January Interim — dubbed J-Term — a four-week session designed for curricular exploration and enrichment. The session gives students the opportunity to study abroad and partake in special one-time topic courses. The students will complete their studies through Augustana faculty-led courses, the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE) and independent studies.

January 2018 Augustana study away programs led by AU faculty members include:

  • "Dharma: Life and Religion and Music in Contemporary India," led by Dr. Sandra Looney (English) and Dr. John Pennington (Music)
  • "The Tropical Ecology of Guatemala & Belize," led by Dr. Craig Spencer (Biology) and Dr. David O'Hara (Philosophy)
  • "From the Gulf Coast to the Florida Keys: Introduction to Marine Biology," led by Dr. Cecelia Miles (Biology) and Dr. Lisa Baye (Biology)
  • "Potsdam Independent Study," led by Dr. Stephan Lhotzky (Modern Foreign Languages)
  • "Leadership in Professional Nursing in Ecuador (Nursing 451)," led by Dr. Patricia Waltman (Nursing)
  • "Leadership in Professional Nursing in Norway (Nursing 451)," led by Dr. Pam Schroeder (Nursing)
  • "Music and Theater of Eastern Europe," led by Dr. Jayna Fitzsimmons (Theatre) 
  • "The Anthropology of the Southwest," led by Dr. KC Carlson (Anthropology)
  • "The Greek Connection: Culture, Mind and Body," led by Dr. Muriel Larson (Nursing) Dr. Olivia Lima (Psychology)
  • "The Uncertain European Union: BREXIT and Life After the EU," led by Dr. Jason Harris (Business)  

January 2018 UMAIE courses taught by Augustana faculty include:

  • "Arab and Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco," led by Sam Ogdie (Modern Foreign Languages)

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Media Relations