Great Professors, Great Achievements

Recent Achievements by Augustana Faculty

Dr. Mark Braun presented on a spotlight panel sponsored by the Organization and Professional Communication division at the Central States Communication Association in Madison, WI. He has also been elected Chair of the Board for The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Adrien Hannus has been contacted to be one of the principle archeologists on a US version of Time Team, a British television series featuring a team of specialists doing archeological digs.

Dr. Paul Egland is an author on a manuscript accepted by Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics. The title is "Status of HER-2 Gene Amplification in Breast Cancers from Native American Women.” Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics offers in-depth coverage of the cellular and molecular aspects of cancer research. This highly acclaimed journal features original articles focusing on the latest knowledge and advances in the area of cytogenetics and cancer genetics.

Dr. Mark Larson and his collaborator, Dr. Bill Harris with Sanford Research, have been awarded a grant from GlaxoSmithKline to look at the effects of Lovaza (their prescription drug of omega-3-fatty acids) and aspirin, alone and in combination on platelet activation in healthy subjects. Their research manuscript has been accepted for publication in the journal Thrombosis and Haemostasis (due for print October 2008). Augustana seniors Joe Ashmore, Tina Harris and Jessica Vogelaar also participated in the research.

Dr. Craig Spencer and Dr. Steven Matzner co-authored a paper that has been accepted for publication in The American Midland Naturalist. The paper is entitled, “Forest Expansion and Soil Carbon Changes in the Loess Hills of Eastern South Dakota.”

Dr. Amy Lewis is the co-author of "Landscape characteristics in relation to bird species occurrence in sagebrush habitats of North and South Dakota," which has been accepted for publication in The Prairie Naturalist.

Dr. Michael Wanous served on a panel for balancing scholarship and teaching at the Concord for Christian Colleges and Universities Faith-Filled Leaders Institute at Gordon College (Wenham, MA).

Dr. Mike Nitz has been awarded a grant from the Norwegian Center for International Cooperation for Higher Education to study Norwegian media coverage of our 2008 Presidential elections (follow-up to published work on the 2004 election).

Dr. Reynold Nesiba has co-authored an economics text entitled: Economics: An Introduction to Traditional and Progressive Views.

Dr. Julie Ashworth successfully defended her dissertation in June 2008 to complete her doctorate.

Dr. Sharon Andrews will serve as the sole private college state representative to MAPLE (Midwest Alliance for Professional Learning and Leadership). She is serving as president elect of the South Dakota Association of College’s of Teacher Education (SDACTE). Dr. Andrews co-authored an article with Dr. Sheryl Feinstein entitled “Addressing the Reading Needs of English Language Learners” published in ESL Magazine. Her manuscript entitled “The Impact of Modeling Upon Pre-service Teachers in a Content Area Reading Course” was accepted into the ERIC database in December 2007.

Dr. Joan Bacon gave two presentations on the inclusion of adults with disabilities in their faith communities at the Statewide Special Education Conference in Pierre. One presentation was co-presented with three student education majors; Julie Ailts, Cathrine Johnson, and Brittany Holt. Dr. Bacon is working with Pearson Publishing Company as a paid reviewer for the upcoming edition of their textbook, “Mental Retardation: An Introduction to Developmental Disabilities,” seventh edition.

Dr. Mark Hallenbeck presented findings at the 16th annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities in Marlborough, MA. The presentation was titled, “The Best of Both Worlds: Combining General and Special Education Perspectives on Writing Instruction.” Dr. Hallenbeck also co-authored with Cindy Nelson, Sioux Falls fifth-grade teacher, and Annmarie Kowalcyzk, Augustana education department graduate, a chapter for the textbook “Quality Education for All: Research, Practice, and Advocacy” to be published in fall 2008 by Learning Disabilities Worldwide. The chapter is titled, “Writing High-Quality Nonfiction: A Framework for Success.” He has also accepted an invitation to serve on the conference committee for the 17th annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities in November 2008 in Burlington, MA.

Dr. Steve VanBockern presented a three-day workshop to education officials in Bangkok, Thailand. With colleagues, Larry Brendtro and Martin Brokenleg, their work has now been presented in more than 23 countries.

Dr. Jeffery Miller presented the keynote speech at the Television Without Borders conference at the University of Reading (United Kingdom). His talk was titled, “The Avengers: Spooks and Spies in the Post 9/11 Anglo-American Television Relationship.”

Dr. Patrick Hick’s latest book, “Finding the Gossamer,” has been published by Salmon Publishing in Ireland.

Dr. Joe Dondelinger’s article entitled, “Soft Power and Islam” was published in the Globalization and its Discontents theme issue, Vol. XX No. ½ of the Journal Interdisciplinary Studies. For the 24th consecutive year, Dr. Dondelinger’s contract as senior adjunct faculty member with the US Government’s top civil service training institute, the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA, has been renewed for fiscal 2009.

Dr. Jeff Johnson has published an article entitled “The Political Trend is Steadily Toward Socialism: Building a Socialist Party in the Northwest, 1901-1905” in the spring 2008 issue of Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History, a publication of the Washington State Historical Society.

Dr. Geoffrey Dipple’s advisee Ryan Stobb (Tracy, MN) won the award for best paper on regional history at the 43rd annual Phi Alpha Theta Student History Conference held at the University of South Dakota. His paper is entitled, “General Needed, No Experience Required: American Commanders of the 1862 Dakota Conflict.”

Dr. Lisa Grevlos, associate professor and president of Sounds of South Dakota, Inc. along with Heartland Opera Troupe have been awarded a $3,000 grant to produce and perform “Fairytale Opera in the Park.” Performances were given in July in the McKennan Park band shell.

Dr. Paul Schilf’s article, “The Hard Work of Recruiting and Retention” was published in the June 2008 issue of The Instrumentalist, a national resource magazine for instrumental instructors and conductors.

Pam Schroeder, Lynn White, and Vickie Reiff made a presentation at the national Quality and Safety Education for Nursing Conference in Charlotte, NC. They received the “Greatest Teamwork” award.


Collaborative research led by Dr. Drew Alton with Russ Averin, class of 2010, was published as the “Result of the Week” in the June 2008 issue of FermiLab. They are part of a team of DZero researchers.

Dr. David O’Hara joined the advisory board for Cognito-Estudios, a multi-lingual journal, published in Sao Paula, for studies in Pragmatism and American Philosophy across the Americas.

Two publications resulted from Dr. Ann Pederson’s summer 2008 research: “God, Disease, and Spiritual Dilemmas: Reading the Lives of Women with Breast Cancer” in Zygon, March 2009 (with Megan Eide, class of 2008) and “All God’s Critters: Feminist Theology and Darwinism” in Word and World, January 2009.

Dr. Susan Schrader has been promoted to full professor.

Dr. William Swart has been elected president of UMAIE (Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education) for a two-year term commencing in 2008.

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