Argus Leader: Augustana Nursing 50 Years Ago and Today

When Carol Grimes began her career as a nurse, she went to work in a dress, white nylons and a cap that had achieved the perfect stiffness by being immersed in starch and plastered on a refrigerator door to dry.

Fifty years later, her granddaughter Bethany Fleischhacker has experienced none of that.

Instead, Fleischhacker, one semester away from finishing Augustana College's nursing program, greets patients in scrub pants, a polo shirt and a lab coat.

"When I started, ... you would never have seen a nurse in slacks," Grimes says. "It was dresses."

This spring, Fleischhacker will graduate with a degree in nursing.

This spring, it will be 50 years since Grimes graduated from the same college with a nursing degree.

For the past 31/4 years, ever since Fleischhacker enrolled at Augustana, Grimes has followed her granddaughter's studies and compared them with her own experience.

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