A First for Augustana’s Writer-in-Residence

SIOUX FALLS – Dr. Patrick Hicks, Writer-in-Residence and Associate Professor of English/Journalism, has had his first international paperback of poetry, Finding the Gossamer, published by Salmon Poetry in Ireland.

Gossamer is defined as a fine film of cobwebs often seen floating in the air or caught on bushes or grass.

In several versions of ancient mythology, the spider is the creator of the universe, a weaver of reality, a goddess that has built an intricate web to support the story of life. In this collection, Dr. Hicks explores how we are born into history, how we spin our stories and struggle against failure, and also how throwaway moments can shimmer with unexpected beauty.

Our lives and the lives of the dead are threaded together; they form an intricate pattern of love, loss, ancestry, and home. By teasing out these delicate intersections, Dr. Hicks explores how we are connected to the world around us.

Dr. Hicks’ work has appeared in scores of international publications including Ploughshares, The Utne Reader, Glimmer Train, Commonweal, Poetry East, Indiana Review, and Nimrod. He is the author of three poetry chapbooks as well as a work of non-fiction called, Brian Moore and the Meaning of the Past. Many poems from Finding the Gossamer have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Aside from being a Visiting Fellow at Oxford, Dr. Hicks has won a number of grants to support his work. He has enjoyed long residences in Northern Ireland, England, Germany, and Spain.

Dr. Hicks grew up in Stillwater, Minn., earned an MA in English at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, and his PhD at the University of Sussex. In 2007 he was appointed Writer-in-Residence at Augustana. In 2006 he received the Excellence in the Literary Arts Award at the eighth annual Mayor’s Awards for the Arts.

Dr. Patrick Hicks is featured in the Argus Leader:

Augustana Professor's Writing Goes International
(by Jay Kirschenmann, 7/24/2008)

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