Student, Mentor Co-author Article in Physics Letters B.

SIOUX FALLS – Augustana junior Russ Averin and faculty mentor Dr. Drew Alton's work from the past two summers has now been published in the most recent Physics Letters B journal by Elsevier Science.

Averin is a physics and mathematics major from Sioux Falls. Dr. Alton is an assistant professor of physics.

The paper describes a model-independent way to search the accumulated proton-antiproton collision data recorded by the D0 detector at FermiLab for a previously unknown fundamental particle that decays into Z-boson and a high energy photon.

The search of the volumes of collisions looking for a new particle is important because physicists believe that our current understanding of nature (aka the Standard Model) is incomplete. This work suggests a method of searching the data without invoking any specific theoretical model—a more efficient tactic than applying every model to the data separately.

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