KSFY: Augustana Senior Art Show

KSFY:  It's an event that features the 14 graduating seniors in the Augie art department. At the show, you will find everything from classic or traditional styles of work to more contemporary styles. Along the way, you'll get an idea of what art means to these students.

"Art is creativity, creativity is passion and passion is love," says Adrew Brynjulson, who along with 13 other seniors at Augustana has his work on display at the senior art show.

"For some reason I tend to shift towards self portraits, maybe I'm a litte too narcissistic," Brynjulson jokes. That can't be true, as professor Lindsay Twa has nothing but good things to say about Andrew. "Andrew Brynjulson is one of the leaders of our community, but he came to the art major relatively late."

"I didn't know what you could do with art. One day it finally clicked and I embraced it. Its been kind of a tale of ambition and motivation," describes Brynjulson.

The show is open to the public, meaning their work is on display for all to see, which Twa says can only help the young artists. "What they want to be concentrating on now is building their public audience."

These students look at it as one last hurrah before they move on. "It's kind of the culmination of what we do here," adds Brynjulson.

The show runs until May 24th. A reception is planned for May 1.

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