The Augustana Band Bound for Egypt in January 2011

In its infancy, the Augustana Band stayed close to home. Today, with a rich tradition of excellence firmly established, the Band is preparing for its fourth international tour.

January 1999 marked the first international tour for the Augustana Band and included three weeks of performances in Korea, Japan and China. The Band returned to China in January of 2003 and again in 2007.

In January of 2011, the Augustana Band will head overseas once again, but this time will explore the Nile Valley of Egypt.

The mere mention of the name of the Nile evokes for modern man images of Pyramids, great temples, tales of mummies, and wondrous treasures. But the Nile represents life itself to the people of Egypt, ancient and modern. In fact, for thousands of years, the River has made life possible for hundreds of thousands of people and animals, and has shaped the culture we today are only beginning to truly understand.

The Augustana BandMembers of the Augustana Band will be immersed in the Egyptian culture for approximately three weeks. They will be featured performers at some of Egypt’s most celebrated cultural venues in Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor. Also, the Minister of Cultural Affairs in Egypt has agreed to host three concerts at the world-famous Cairo Opera House and another at the new Opera House in Alexandria. The group also has been asked to perform at the just-opened Concert Hall of Luxor. When not performing, they’ll be climbing the Pyramids, visiting ancient sights and museums, cruising the Nile and more.

Members of the band will also be earning academic credit during the trip by taking course entitled A Portrait of Egypt, focusing on Egyptian culture. Dr. John Pennington, professor of music and percussion instructor at Augustana, will be leading the course.

Alumni and friends are warmly welcomed to join the Augustana Band in their latest adventure. Brad Heegel, Director of Special Projects, and conductor Dr. Bruce Ammann, led the three previous international tours of the band and are excited to share this new itinerary with others.

“We’re looking at traveling with approximately 80-90 students, and we have space for at least 20 - 30 alumni/friends to join us,” said Heegel. “This is a marvelous way to travel – the work is done for you, the guides/archivists we hire are the best in the business, and the accommodations are quite good as well. We would love to have friends of the college travel with us!”

Ammann mentioned that he is very much looking forward to the four-day Nile cruise. “I’m assured that there is no better way to learn about Egyptian history and see it all unfold than from the shores of the Nile,” he said. The ship travels during the evening hours, allowing daylight visits to ancient temples and archeological sites during the day.

For a complete itinerary, contact Brad Heegel. The tour begins on or about January 9 and runs through January 30. The comprehensive fee is $4,200 which includes air from Sioux Falls or Minneapolis, hotels, cruise, all tours, guides, tips and most meals. Alumni will have additional sightseeing opportunities provided during those times when the band is in rehearsals or otherwise engaged. Arrangements for both groups are being made by Seminars International of Chicago.


Brad Heegel
Director of Special Projects
Augustana College Box 727
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
Phone: 605.274.5508