Viking Varieties to Feature 15 Acts, Father-Daughter Duo

Audiences at this year’s Viking Varieties, Augustana’s annual homecoming talent show, might notice some striking resemblances in one singing duo. Same color eyes; similar-looking noses; like colored hair.

It’s not just the spotlight and it’s no optical illusion. For the first time since 1953, Viking Varieties will feature a parent/child duo.

Maren Jacobsen, a sophomore Music major, and her father, Todd Jacobsen, class of 1984, will perform “The Prayer,” a ballad sung in English and Italian.

“We sang this song together at a wedding this summer,” said Todd Jacobsen. “When Maren asked me to sing with her, I just thought it was so cool. And, to have made it [through auditions] into the show – it’s just really special to be able to be here, with my daughter.”

Jacobsen, a Business Administration major, performed in three Viking Varieties shows during his time at Augustana. This year marks his first visit back to campus for Homecoming since 1984.

“Varieties still has the same spirit it did then – it’s a great celebration,” he said.

For Maren Jacobsen, who hopes to pursue a career as a professional singer and songwriter, the chance to sing and perform with her dad at Varieties is bittersweet.

“We’re really close. It’s a blessing to share the stage with him.”

Viking Varieties begins at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 8, and runs through Sunday, Oct. 10. The show features 15 acts and includes a pre-show performance by the Augustana Brass Choir. Tickets are available at

“Happy Viking Days” is the theme for Viking Days 2010.

Earlier this week, seniors Jamie Martin, Valley City, N.D., and Carli Ellwein, Frederick, S.D., were crowned Homecoming King and Queen, respectively, at the College’s Coronation ceremony.

“As we celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Augustana, we’re more excited than ever to mark the 81st anniversary of Viking Days. What started out as a two-day event years ago has become a week of festive gatherings for the campus community, residents of Sioux Falls and Augustana alumni from across the U.S.,” said Bob Preloger, vice president for Marketing and Communications.

For a complete schedule of Viking Days 2010 activities, visit

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations