Celebrating Augustana Presidents on President's Day

In honor of the Sesquicentennial and in celebration of President's Day, Augustana honors the College's 23 presidents who have guided the institution through 15 decades of history, including wars, economic depressions, the civil rights movement, and major advancements in technology.

Learn more about Augustana's 23 presidents.

Interesting facts about the people who occupied the office include:

  • All but one of the presidents was either an ordained Lutheran clergyman or possessed an academic background. The current president, Rob Oliver, came from a business background (banking).
  • Dr. Sidney Rand served two one-year terms.
  • Anthony Tuve served the longest at 26 years and was the youngest (26 years old) when he started. Dr. Lawrence Stavig was in office for 22 years.
  • President Preus possessed a law degree.
  • Dr. Ralph Wagoner was a sitting president at a public university, having previously served for six years at Western Illinois University.
  • Only one, Dr. Bruce Halverson, is an alumnus.

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations