April 15 Campus Pilgrimage to Offer Reflections, Insights

The Augustana community will walk in pilgrimage on Friday, April 15, at 3 p.m. to celebrate the heritage and gifts of the Augustana experience.

Walkers will gather on the east side of Old Main, built in 1889 (pictured at right), to begin to discover layers of experience, meaning and insight. Walking through seven stops across campus, the pilgrimage will include poetry, song, sacrament, and scientific experiences to stir participants’ reflection and awareness. The pilgrimage is led by Dr. Janet Blank-Libra, associate professor of English/Journalism and Rev. Paul Rohde, campus pastor.

“In so many ways, Augustana is a work of art—its sculptures, the trees, the people who have walked with it through time,” says Blank-Libra. “We’ll hope to stir the spirit, though pilgrimage makes no guarantees. A pilgrimage makes room in the pilgrim for transformation; a pilgrim’s heart is open to insight and change.”

Campus Pilgrimage

3 p.m. Friday, April 15; gather at the east side of Old Main

“In daily routines,” said Rohde, “we easily breeze by gifts without noticing. Pilgrimage is an attentive way of walking. Attentiveness will call us to discoveries, insights, and gratitude. While gratitude is great for celebrating the 150th, we hope the pilgrimage calls us to gift and awareness often.”

The event is part of Augustana’s Sesquicentennial celebration and is open to the public.

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations