Five Honored With Spirit of Augustana Awards

Before a crowd of more than 1,200 people, Augustana College honored five area individuals for their efforts to advance humanitarianism, ministry, innovation, leadership and creativity last night at The Spark, the gala event to celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary. The event was held at the Washington Pavilion.

“At Augustana, central to our culture are five core values: Christian, liberal arts, excellence, community and service. These are much more than just words on paper -- they’re really the compass that guides our community. We live them and honor them each and every day and their energy and meaning are infused in our academic curriculum,” said Rob Oliver, president.

“In honor of our Sesquicentennial, we felt it was fitting to introduce an award that honors individuals who really embody the principals that guide us. It’s a way for Augustana to recognize individuals in our community who are committed to making the world a better place – men and women who are leading the way, driving change and encouraging others to do all they can to ensure a brighter tomorrow.”

Spirit of Augustana Award Winners

  • The Spirit of Augustana Award for Advocacy and Humanitarianism was awarded to Kevin Kirby. This award recognizes individuals who give of themselves to fight indifference, intolerance and injustice. This honor celebrates those who work tirelessly and without recognition or remuneration to improve the lives of others through selfless, courageous and compassionate acts. As fellow citizens, we revere their honesty, integrity, responsibility and compassion and we hold in high regard their passionate efforts to preserve equality and respect human diversity in order to improve the human condition.
  • The Spirit of Augustana Award for Ministry was awarded to Monsignor James Doyle. This award recognizes individuals who accept the call to servanthood and who serve the Church and society by nurturing the search for religious faith in others. As fellow citizens, we revere those who encourage open dialogue within their own faith and with those of other faith traditions, acknowledging their witness of Christian faith to everyday life.
  • The Spirit of Augustana Award for Innovation and Discovery was awarded to Jeff Scherschligt. This award recognizes individuals who have the courage to try, the resilience to try again, an appreciation for the unmet needs of others and who possess a passionate spirit that is both tenacious and compassionate. As fellow citizens, we revere those who innovate and discover and, as importantly, who encourage innovation and discovery in others.
  • The Spirit of Augustana Award for Leadership and Philanthropy was awarded to Kelby Krabbenhoft. This award recognizes individuals whose contributions as visionary leaders have helped advance progressive philanthropic ideals and vital communities, locally and at Augustana College. This honor celebrates individuals or families who have shown exceptional generosity, both to the College and to the community they serve. As fellow citizens, we revere their outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and we commend the encouragement they have shown to others to take philanthropic leadership roles on a community, national and international level.
  • The Spirit of Augustana Award for the Arts was awarded to Charlotte Carver. This award recognizes the spirited souls who bravely share their artistic originality and God-given talents with others through words, from the stage and on a canvas. As fellow citizens, we revere their fearless efforts to foster an understanding of history, culture and the unknown and we hold in high regard the endeavors they gracefully undertake to inspire creativity in others.

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations