Augustana Announces Largest Enrollment Since 1980

Despite a still-challenged economy and in the face of recent census data showing that a majority of college graduates choose to live in only select metropolitan cities, Augustana officials today reported the College’s highest full-time undergraduate enrollment since 1980.

For Fall 2011, the College is serving 1,745 full-time undergraduate students – up 3 percent since Fall 2010.

Augustana’s total student headcount – the sum of part-time, full-time and graduate students – for Fall 2011 is 1,870 – the highest since 1992.

“In today’s economy, we’re humbled to see that students and families continue to believe in the world-class liberal arts education Augustana’s great professors provide,” said Rob Oliver, president.

“In addition to choosing Augustana for their studies, we are pleased to report that the majority of our graduates choose to stay and work in South Dakota, adding to the talented reservoir of professionals that contribute to our state’s economy, and to the future viability of cities and towns east and west of the River.”

In 2010, the Augustana Career Center released these findings:

“At Augustana, we often use the phrase ‘Go Viking.’ It speaks to how our students consistently go beyond the expected in order to do something more, something significant. When students choose to Go Viking, they commit to explore, discover, and create, pursuing bold concepts and important endeavors today in order to make tomorrow even better,” said Nancy Davidson, vice president for Enrollment at Augustana.

“As we welcome members of the class of 2015, along with our returning students, we’re honored they chose us. And, as fellow citizens, we’re grateful and excited they made the decision to Go Viking.”

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations