Senior Michael Seeley Published by History News Network

"What Are Wars Good For Anymore? Not for Plunder, At Least," an op-ed by Michael Seeley, an Augustana senior and Thomas Willing Institute fellow, has been published by the History News Network.

" 1812, France momentarily fell into the hands of ... General Claude François de Malet [in an attempted coup]... Whether he fully understood the implications of his plan or not, Malet was on to something. A military bubble like that suffered by Napoleonic France is unlikely today because now conquerors pay the conquered rather than the reverse," Seeley, a 2011 Peace Prize Forum scholar, writes.

"The United States continues to pay its defeated enemies, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of filling its war chest with the indemnities of the conquered foe, the United States has flipped the moneybox open to watch the contents spill out into oil rich Iraq. Despite huge government fiscal deficits and dire domestic economic problems, U.S. taxpayers have been improving Iraqi infrastructure, governance, health, and security systems. The new paradigm of paying conquered nations now appears as defunct as the old system of stealing from them ...When and how an even newer paradigm will arise remains unclear."

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