Article by Augustana Senior Published in 'Financial History' Magazine

An article by senior Peter (Sander) Kline, Centennial, Colo., investigating the effects of Sputnik, JFK’s moon speech, the Apollo 11 and 13 missions, and the cancellation of the Apollo Program on U.S. aeronautical and tech stocks appears in the Fall 2012 (special 25th anniversary edition) issue of Financial History, the magazine of the Museum of American Finance.

"The financial crisis of 2007-2009 – and subsequent recession and attendant human suffering – revealed that capitalism, that complex and ever-evolving mix of free markets, democracy and big government, is far from perfect. The Space Race reminds us, however, that it was superior to communism, its main 20th century rival. Despite its warts, perhaps capitalism is still the best system available," Kline, a 2012 Thomas Willing Institute summer research fellow, writes.

Read the complete article,"Capital Markets and U.S. Victory in the Space Race,1957-1970," here.