BBC Features Research with Augustana Ties

In a recent news segment, "Dark Matter: Experiment to Shed Light on Dark Particles," BBC Science Reporter Rebecca Morelle explores the research being gathered at Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory for the DarkSide-50 experiment, a project with ties to the Augustana Physics department

The composition of "Dark Matter," which comprises roughly 25 percent of the known universe, remains one of the largest unsolved problems in science. The DarkSide-50 experiment, which features the collaborative work of scientists around the globe, including Augustana students Erika Zetterlund, Anne Pfeifle, Robert Mikhayelyan and Thomas Norland and Associate Professor of Physics Dr. Andrew Alton, aims to detect the elusive dark matter using a large detector, located deep underground where it is shielded from cosmic rays and other competing processes. Building this detector has taken Augustana students to Princeton University, Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois and Italy.

Click the image below to watch the BBC video:

BBC Dark Matter Video