2013 Covenant Award Nominees Announced

Forty-nine students have been recognized as nominees for the 2013 Augustana Covenant Awards.

Verdier 2012
March 18-22

The Covenant Awards, the honors recognizing students who exemplify the College's five core values: Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service, will be presented during Verdier 2013 events, a week-long celebration of Augustana’s guiding values and ethics, set for March 18-22.

From Norwegian to English, "verdier" translates to "values; the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or community."

"At Augustana, we often say that our students enter to learn and leave to serve. Here, they come to understand that in order to create an even better tomorrow, they must do all they can to support, nurture and help develop ideas and communities today. From serving at the local food pantry to forging new pathways in science, our students are the ones who illustrate this idea and push the words far beyond just a great talking point. Today, and during Verdier week, we congratulate and celebrate our students who are living out the core values of this institution each and every day," said Dean of Students Dr. Jim Bies.

The 2013 Covenant Award nominees are:

Christian Faith Liberal Arts Excellence Community Service

Kyle Blake

Alaina Heiskary

Shane LeClaire

Callie Stadem

Phil Uecker

Alyssa Weber

Ben Winkler

John Detlie

Maren Engel 

Kaitlin Hjerpe

Marissa Knaak

Hannah Kuelbs

Ally Lloyd 

Aaron Munce

Anne Pfeifle

Michael Seeley 

Tina Skeie

Mason Voehl

Kelly Wong

Tony Yang 

Erika Zetterlund

Collin Block

Emily Eichele

Coral Hanson

Carl Hjelmen

Alexandra Hjerpe

Scott Hofer

Kim Homan

Bailey Jackson

Katelynn Kenney

Hannah Kuelbs

Evan Livermore 

Morgan McAlpin

Anne Pfeifle

Thad Titze

Michael Tveter

Erika Zetterlund

Coral Hanson 

Kim Homan

Sanna Horsley

Megan Kremin

Megan McDonald

Chi Ngo  

Erin Schoenbeck

Thad Titze

Amanda Warmka

Dylan West 

Krista Youngberg

Kim Homan   

Stephanie Larson

Alison Peymann

Ashley Schreurs

Mallory Schulte

Molly Seberg

Brooke Walker

Sara Weinreis

Join us on campus March 18-22 to participate in Verdier 2013 events and recognize the 2013 Covenant Award nominees and recipients:

Monday, March 18: Honoring Christian Faith

Rev. Jon Larson, class of 2006 and a recipient of the Covenant Award for Christian Faith, will deliver a message and the 2013 Covenant Award for Christian Faith will be presented at 10 a.m. in the Chapel.

Tuesday, March 19: Celebrating the Liberal Arts

Hear Drs. Jeffrey Miller (English & Journalism), Joel Johnson (Political Science/Government and International Affairs), Rocki Wentzel (Classics), Jared Mays (Chemistry) and Mike Mullin (History) “define the liberal arts” in “Fast Five” presentations. The 2013 Covenant Award for Liberal Arts will be presented at 3 p.m. in the Siverson Lounge.

Wednesday, March 20: Recognizing Excellence

Watch students take on faculty members in the Quiz Bowl. The 2013 Covenant Award for Excellence will be presented at 5 p.m. in the Siverson Lounge.

Thursday, March 21: Embracing Community

Join fellow students and faculty/staff for Viking cookies before the presentation of the 2013 Covenant Award for Community  at 10 a.m. in the Siverson Lounge.

Friday, March 22: Lifting up our dedication to Service

Pledge to participate in the April 20 “meal packing day” to benefit Kids Against Hunger. The 2013 Covenant Award for  Service will be presented before the Rendezvous at 3 p.m. in the Back Alley.