In the News: More than 100 Students Pack Meals for Kids in Need

On Saturday, April 20, more than 100 Augustana students worked with students from the University of Sioux Falls to pack 32,184 meals for Kids Against Hunger, a nonprofit dedicated to providing healthy meals to children in need. Kids Against Hunger states that "every hour of every day, 10 children per minute die of starvation or malnutrition related diseases."

KDLT-TV reporter Laura Monteverdi caught up with the student volunteers. Here's her story:

Rival Colleges Volunteer Together
by Laura Monteverdi, Reporter

Kids Against Hunger, a nonprofit humanitarian food aid organization in Sioux Falls, recruits thousands of volunteers each year to help package meals to be delivered to starving families across the globe.

On Saturday morning, two Sioux Falls colleges put their differences in school colors aside. Students from Augustana and the University of Sioux Falls volunteered beside one another.

“We kind of just had the idea last Fall that we should get together and show that we can put a rivalry aside and at the same time support the community," said Billy Thomas, Director of Volunteer Services at Augustana College.

SALT, a volunteer organization at Augustana, recruited nearly 200 students from both colleges to spend their Saturday morning helping the organization package 149 boxes filled with meals.

“It's so rewarding because it's a busy day. Any weekend in college there is just a thousand things to do so the fact that so many students are here today to give an hour of their time just to help out is just amazing," said Augustana Junior, Emily Weber.

The students helped out by working in an assembly line to fill thousands of small clear bags with ingredients that would soon become a meal for a family in need.

“The bags go down the line, they get sealed up and they have to stay at a certain weight range so the boxes are a certain weight so they get shipped correctly," said Thomas.

The boxes will be shipped to hungry families, not just outside of the country, but in the Sioux Falls community as well.

“They get to come here and see and make a difference to hungry kids around the corner and starving kids around the world," said Art Wienke, Director of Kids Against Hunger.

The students volunteered from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. and successfully packaged 32,184 meals.