UPDATE: Gilbert Science Center

Augustana's Gilbert Science Center (GSC) was evacuated on Tuesday, Nov. 26, due to a chemical spill inside the building.

Director of Campus Safety Rick Tupper said the incident happened around 11:25 a.m. when a glass container holding two to three liters of pyridine, an organic solvent, gave way. Some of the chemical spilled on a student, who was taken to a nearby clinic for evaluation and treatment.

The student was later released.

Augustana officials canceled classes inside GSC for the remainder of Tuesday. Classes will resume on Monday, Dec. 2, following Thanksgiving break.

Following the incident, Tupper said Augustana faculty members took measures to contain the spill immediately. Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue responded quickly and remained on scene throughout the day.

Battalion Chief Ed Van Egdom categorized pyridine as a mild chemical often used in laboratory settings. Van Egdom said after arriving on campus, Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue team members worked with the Augustana Facilities team to control the ventilation system inside GSC.

Augustana officials said they plan to re-open the building Tuesday afternoon.