Dr. Dipple on Translating 16th-Century German

Dr. Dipple and "The Fifteen Confederates"

Over the past four years, Dipple has chipped away at a sixteenth-century pro-Reformation German manuscript: translating, interpreting and creating footnotes and references for his students to use. The result? An affordable textbook titled "The Fifteen Confederates."

The Augustana Magazine: Summer 2014

The Augustana magazine

People always ask me, “What’s the best part of your job?” It’s hard to answer that question because, quite honestly, it’s difficult to choose just one thing about being president of this great place we call Augustana that stands out above the rest.

Mathematics Mentor

Augustana's Dr. Martha Gregg believes that creative thinking is a part of math, too — it's why she strives to teach the creative side of mathematics — that the subject demands both “imagination and precise computation.” Read the story about mathematics mentoring at Augustana published by Private University Products and News.

Construction Set to Begin on Froiland Science Complex

Architect's rendering of the Froiland Science Center

Construction is poised to begin on Augustana’s new 125,000-square-foot Froiland Science Complex later this month, the largest and most complex building endeavor in the College’s 154-year history. Phase one of the project includes a 41,000-square-foot addition to the existing Gilbert Science Center.

Q&A with Betty Erickson: Executive Assistant to the President

Betty Erickson

Betty Erickson has served as the executive assistant to five Augustana presidents. In her 36 years working at Augustana, Erickson has seen the college transform in more ways than one. Last week, she celebrated her retirement. See how Augustana has influenced her life.

Sustainability Campaign Showcases Work of Augustana Art Graduate

2014 Augustana graduate Anh Ta

Artwork by a recent Augustana graduate will be featured on Sioux Area Metro buses for the duration of 2014 in an effort to engage and educate the public about sustainability. "Vitality," a piece by 2014 graduate Anh Ta, appears in a new ad campaign designed by Sioux Falls' Public Works Environmental Division. The focus of the initiative is to "enhance social, economic and environmental interests in an effort to increase overall community vitality."

Friendship Family Experience: The Youngbergs

Augustana is currently looking for area families to host and/or spend time with international students through the Friendship Families Program. Many families have benefited from these exchanges including the Youngbergs. Karin and Mark Youngberg share their story.