Q&A with Betty Erickson: Executive Assistant to the President

Betty Erickson

Betty Erickson has served as the executive assistant to five Augustana presidents. In her 36 years working at Augustana, Erickson has seen the college transform in more ways than one. Last week, she celebrated her retirement. See how Augustana has influenced her life.

Sustainability Campaign Showcases Work of Augustana Art Graduate

2014 Augustana graduate Anh Ta

Artwork by a recent Augustana graduate will be featured on Sioux Area Metro buses for the duration of 2014 in an effort to engage and educate the public about sustainability. "Vitality," a piece by 2014 graduate Anh Ta, appears in a new ad campaign designed by Sioux Falls' Public Works Environmental Division. The focus of the initiative is to "enhance social, economic and environmental interests in an effort to increase overall community vitality."

Friendship Family Experience: The Youngbergs

Augustana is currently looking for area families to host and/or spend time with international students through the Friendship Families Program. Many families have benefited from these exchanges including the Youngbergs. Karin and Mark Youngberg share their story.

Host, Friendship Families Sought for Augustana International Students

Host Family Program

On Tuesday, August 12, six students from Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Pakistan will arrive in Sioux Falls. Each student will need a host family for two weeks prior to the start of the school year.  Augustana would like to pair each student with a host family willing to provide room and board; transportation to the College Monday-Friday (The IPO will provide orientation and cultural programming each day, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.); and family and cultural activities during the evening and weekends from August 12-22.

Augustana Launches Redesigned Website

website redesign

On Tuesday, July 15, Augustana launched a redesigned version of its website, The new design incorporates parallax scrolling effects on the homepage and main landing pages and includes enhanced site structure and navigation elements. The new design is also responsive, responding and resizing to the user's device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.


CNN Features Sioux Falls Among Places 'Where America Works'

Sioux Falls recently was featured on CNN’s "Fareed Zakaria GPS" in a five-part series called “Where America Works.” According to the CNN website, “Washington, D.C., may be broken, but intractable problems are being solved in towns across America.” CNN featured Sioux Falls as one of five such towns.

The Art Investigator

Dr. Lindsay Twa

Dr. Lindsay Twa's first book, “Visualizing Haiti in U.S. Culture, 1910-1950,” was published this spring after years of research that took her to New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Nashville and New York City. The project, she said, was made possible thanks to her foundation in the liberal arts.

Students Set to Rebuild on Site of Steen House Fire

Big Ideas Project

The Big Ideas Committee is a new group on campus that is dedicated to making big contributions to the community surrounding Augustana.  For their first project, the group is hosting an entirely student-run house-build on the site of Solveig Steen's former home.