Edda Wins 'Best of Show' Award for 2016-17 Edition

2016-17 Edda Staff
The 2016-17 Edda Cover (left) and staff (right).
From left to right, Back row: Alex Meyer '18, Maria Lavelle '17, Kaylyn Deiter '17, Andrea Conover '17, Erin Mairose '17 and Lindsey Grassmid '20; front row: Lindsey Romig '19, Carina Hofmeister '17, Jordan Maxfield '20, Tabby Merkle '19, Dr. Janet Blank-Libra, Taylor Olson '18, Shi Almont '18 and Elin Haegeland '17.
Cover image courtesy of Taylor Olson '18 and photo courtesy of Kaylyn Deiter '17.

To encapsulate a school year in a book can be daunting, even without the added pressure of knowing that it will spark memories decades later. Andrea Conover ’17 and Kaylyn Deiter ’17, co-editors in chief of the Edda, Augustana's yearbook, and their team stepped up to the task and were recently commended for their work.

The 2016-17 Edda placed eighth in Best of Show at the National College Media Convention in October, held in Dallas, Texas.

“Seeing [the yearbooks] in print was reward enough, but then to hear about the actual awards was stunning,” Conover said. “I’m so incredibly proud of our team for everything we accomplished.”

The National College Media Convention is a gathering of media professionals and college students from all over the country. It provides learning experiences for Augustana English and journalism students and an opportunity to recognize the best in the craft.

The competition is a judges which yearbooks are the best in the country; there is no separation of submitted yearbooks based on school size, location, or funding.

“We’re up against schools that have deeper pockets and more resources than we do.” Edda advisor Dr. Janet Blank-Libra said. “Our students do good work.”

"This award is a testament to Augustana. You can’t create a book that’s focused on a community without having an amazing community in the first place.”

— Andrea Conover '17

Conover, Deiter, and their team of 16 students started with blank pages and a passion for telling stories. After a year of hard work, they produced a book that is not only worthy of praise, but is something that Conover attests the whole of Augustana can be proud of.

For Deiter, the reward comes from the work itself.

“It’s so validating to receive this award, and we’re honored, but our work was validated back in August when we walked out of the yearbook office for the last time knowing that we put everything we had into telling Augustana’s story during the 2016-17 school year, award or no award.”

Mike Shafer '18

Intern, Augustana Marketing & Communications