Exhibit Features Connections to Oscar Nominated Film 'The Revenant'

Frederick Manfred exhibit at the Center for Western Studies

Following today's news out of Hollywood that "The Revenant," the wilderness drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio, received 12 Oscar nominations, moviegoers and historians interested in learning more about the story's roots can look to a unique exhibit now on display at the Center for Western Studies at Augustana University.

The Center's "Voices of the Northern Plains" exhibit features an impressive presentation on Frederick Manfred, author of the 1954 book "Lord Grizzly," the main character of which is the basis for the film. On display are Manfred's writing desk, typewriter, briefcase, buckskin boots and other papers. The Center's archives also include Manfred's personal papers.

To write "Lord Grizzly," Manfred conducted significant research to recreate the extreme physical and mental challenges real-life mountain man Hugh Glass likely experienced after being attacked by a grizzly bear, robbed of his gear, and left for dead by his comrades. Manfred went so far as to fasten a board to one leg and squirm along the ground in an attempt to relive Glass' grueling 200-mile crawl across South Dakota to Fort Kiowa on the Missouri River.

Manfred spent the 1970s and 1980s as writer-in-residence at the University of South Dakota and was a frequent guest lecturer at the Center for Western Studies, which published books by and about the author.

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