Inside the NBA: Senior's Internship is With Timberwolves Guard Tyus Jones

Augustana Senior Darren Glover talks about his internship.

This semester, Augustana business administration major Darren Glover '16 is completing an internship with a national sports agency representing Minnesota Timberwolves guard Tyus Jones.

We caught up with Glover, a native of New York City who grew up in Wayzata, Minnesota, to learn more about his experiences and plans for the future.

Q. Tell us about your internship.
. I am currently in an internship with Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Tyus Jones and his agent Rob Pelinka at Landmark Sports Agency. I take care of day-to-day activities and help coordinate and manage appearances and signings for Tyus. I help “market” Tyus to organizations around the metro area and region in an effort to build his brand and image, while also meeting with these organizations to create potential endorsement deals or business partnerships.

Q. How does this internship relate to your future career goals?
I want to have a successful career in marketing and advertising. This opportunity gives me a chance to work with a relatively new and raw talent, and help build and grow his business and image through offline and online marketing strategies. I’m gaining so much knowledge. I am creating relationships around the region that I may not have had the chance to create if it wasn't for this opportunity. Everything I am learning through listening, reading, or hands-on experience is positively impacting my future career goals.

Q. What's your dream job, and why?
My dream job is to be a chief marketing officer (CMO) for a multi-million dollar brand that I am passionate about.

I don't want to look at my job as just work.
I want my job to be my passion.

— Darren Glover, Augustana University senior

Q. Most influential Augustana professors, and why?
Jaciel Keltgen (Business Administration) has had the biggest business influence on me during my time at Augie. After taking an advertising class with her, she gave me real-world experience and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone to excel in her class. I greatly appreciated the passion that she had in teaching a topic that I am also very passionate about as well.

Dr. Sandra Looney (English), with her passion for reading and writing, pushed me to think differently and be more cognizant as I am reading or writing something important. She was the easiest teacher to talk to about issues I was having and would always extend a helping hand.

Q. Favorite class at Augie so far? And why?
My favorite class at Augie was “Advertising” with Jaciel Keltgen. This class had real-world experience as its foundation. Our assigned readings throughout the semester were from practical books and authors who had many years of experience in the advertising world. Every couple of weeks we would have speakers from many different businesses and agencies discuss a certain topic. The best part of this class was our semester project where we were assigned to small groups in class and were partnered with a local business that needed marketing help. This course solidified a true passion for me in the marketing and advertising industry.