More Than 200 Students to Study Abroad Over J-Term 2015

From Cuba to India, to Guatemala, China and Norway, in January the world will be the classroom for 233 Augustana students who will spend the month engaged in hands-on learning, studying the art, music, history and languages of countries around the globe.

These real-world courses are part of Augustana’s January Interim, a four-week session designed for curricular exploration and enrichment. Dubbed J-Term, the session gives students the opportunity to study abroad and partake in special one-time topic courses.

The students will complete their studies through the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE), various Augustana programs and independent studies.

Below are Augustana study abroad programs led by faculty members:

  • "Tropical Ecology of Guatemala, Belize and Spanish Immersion," led by Dr. Craig Spencer (biology) and Dr. David O'Hara (philosophy)
  • "Biology 397A: Explorations in Aotearoa I: The Biogeography and Culture of the New Zealand North Island," led by Dr. Daniel Howard (biology) and Dr. Carrie Hall (biology)
  • "Dharma: Life, Religion and Music in Contemporary India," led by Dr. Sandra Looney (English) and Dr. Janet Blank-Libra (journalism)
  • "Going Viking: International Strategic Communication in the Nordic Lands," led by Dr. Michael Nitz (communication studies) and Dr. Jason Harris (business administration)
  • "Art 397: Stained Glass Art: History and Practice," led by Scott Parsons (art)
  • "Leadership in Professional Nursing in Ecuador," led by Dr. Patricia Waltman (nursing)
  • "Leadership in Professional Nursing in Norway," led by Dr. Pam Schroeder (nursing)
  • "China: Traditions and Transformations 2015 International Band Tour," led by Dr. John Pennington (music) and Dr. Paul Schilf (music)
  • "Cultural and Political History of Nicaragua," led by Dr. Landon Karr (anthropology) 

Below are UMAIE J-Term courses led by Augustana faculty:

  • "Cuba: Race, Gender and Revolution," led by Dr. Pilar Cabrera (modern foreign languages) and Dr. Danny Gerling (English)
  • "Arab and Jewish influence in Spain and Morocco," led by Sam Ogdie (modern foreign languages) and Cathy Ogdie