In the News: Augustana Journos Discuss 'Journalism Renaissance'

Journalism students talk about the news industry

Augustana journalism students spoke with KELO-TV on how the current political climate, the "fake news" phenomenon, and the importance of storytelling are fueling their desires to deliver the news. 

Journalism Renaissance?

By Kelli Volk, KELO-TV

Politically, there are a lot of things that divide us, but most of us can probably agree President Donald Trump is an outspoken leader.

Throughout his presidential campaign and even now during his time in office, the commander-in-chief hasn't been shy about voicing his thoughts about the mainstream media. We decided to ask some younger journalists whether that's influencing their decisions to go into the field.

"It's not for the faint of heart. It really isn't," Augustana University senior Jacob Belgum said.

Those are the words of someone who often finds himself in a race against time.

"We publish once a week," Belgum said.

Belgum is the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, the Augustana Mirror.

As Belgum and his fellow students relay the stories affecting students, a different story surrounding the media is unfolding across the nation.

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