Newsmaker: AU Prof Discusses Correlation Between Vitamin D and Athletic Performance

Augustana University Exercise Science Professor talks about research related to vitamin D and athletic performance.

"... an improvement in Vitamin D status will likely only improve athletic performance a small amount, if it does. However, that small amount in athletics is so important."

— Dr. Shane Scholten
Assistant Professor, Exercise and Sport Sciences

For competitive athletes, the difference between first and second place is a big one.

Dr. Shane Scholten, assistant professor of exercise and sport sciences at Augustana, talked with KSFY-TV News about his research studying the correlation between vitamin D and athletic performance. 

Optimizing Athletic Performance Through Research


"If we can find just a small improvement in athletic performance, especially due to something that’s inhibiting our athletes because they might have low Vitamin D status which is inhibiting muscle performance, we want to let those athletes know what’s going on and what they might be able to do to restore their optimal performance,” said Dr. Scholten.

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