Fire protection on the Augustana University campus covers three main areas:

Emergency Response

The Department of Campus Safety maintains a 24/7/365 Dispatch and Security Center which monitors all fire alarms on campus.  Officers are trained to respond to fire alarms and assist Sioux Falls Fire Rescue in identifying fire hazards and protecting life and property. 

Fire Safety Inspection & Education

The Department of Campus Safety strives to keep the campus community safe through education of staff and students and by performing inspections to ensure adherence to fire code and University policies.

Fire Protection Systems

The Department of Campus Safety works closely with facilities and grounds staff for the inspection, maintenance and repair of all fire protection systems, which include building fire alarms, water based automatic fire sprinkler systems and specialized suppression systems for high hazard area.

Fire extinguisher training and fire safety inspections are available by contacting the Department of Campus Safety at 605.274.4014.