In addition to our ALAC staff, a  team of specialists is available to provide expertise in such disciplines as soils, geomorphology, environmental studies, ceramics, historic architecture, historic archival research, and radiocarbon dating. We are proud to work with some of the finest professionals in bringing together top-notch interdisciplinary research teams to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Adrien HannusDr. Adrien Hannus
Director of the Archeology Lab and Professor
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Dr. Adrien Hannus, professor of anthropology and director of the Archeology Laboratory at Augustana University, has nearly 40 years of archaeological experience, specializing in prehistoric and historic cultural dynamics. His educational background includes a Ph.D. from the University of Utah, with an emphasis in archaeology, and an M.A. in cultural anthropology from Wichita State University. In addition to accomplishing cultural and archaeological fieldwork throughout the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain West, he has collaborated on projects in Egypt, Mexico, France and Great Britain. His teaching and research interests include early human populations in the New World, historic Native American cultures of the Plains and lithic analysis. Hannus also served as an environmental archeologist in the natural gas industry.

Linda Palmer, M.A.
Supervisory Archeologist

Palmer completed her M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
She brings two decades of professional and avocational experience in Plains archeology to her position. She also worked in Section 106 review and compliance while with the South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office. Palmer has acted as PI and Field Director on numerous projects. Her areas of research and special interest include cultural resources management, human osteology, and the Mitchell (SD) Prehistoric Indian Village site.

Lynette Rossum, M.S.
Office Administrator/Publications Editor

Rossum is grants/contracts administrator and publications editor for ALAC. She completed an M.S. in Administrative Studies from the University of South Dakota in 1995 and has also completed graduate work in anthropology and sociology. Rossum is a founding member of the ALAC team and has managed all administrative aspects of the operation for over 25 years. She is experienced at grant writing and report preparation, and is Associate Editor of South Dakota Archaeology.

Austin A. Buhta, M.A.
Staff Archeologist
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Buhta received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and his M.A. in Maritime Archeology from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Buhta joined the staff of ALAC in 2005, and brings a strong background in archeology and museum techniques. He is well-grounded in electronic survey and mapping techniques and has strong report writing and computer skills. Buhta also has extensive experience with archival research and description and analysis of a broad array of material culture types.

Jason M. Kruse, B.S.
Staff Archeologist

Kruse earned a B.S. degree from the University of South Dakota in Anthropology with an emphasis on Plains archeology and GIS. His primary responsibility is preparing maps and other computer graphics as well as designing field and office GIS/GPS efforts and procuring and customizing hardware and software for archeological application. Kruse also has experience in directing archeological field crews, analyzing artifacts, and Section 106 compliance projects. He has worked regularly with Native American monitors on projects with tribal concerns.

Timothy V. Gillen, B.S.
Staff Archeologist

Gillen has been with ALAC since earning a B.S. degree in Anthropology from Kansas State University in 1990. He has supervised and conducted all aspects of fieldwork. He is skilled on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems and is competent with a variety of software, including word processing, spreadsheet, data management, accounting, and GIS survey and mapping programs. His research interests have focused on faunal and lithic analysis and developing a comparative faunal collection for ALAC.

Jessica Kleinschmit, B.S.
Archeological Assistant

Kleinschmit graduated from the University of South Dakota with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and History. She worked as an archeological field technician during college for the USD Archaeology Lab and the South Dakota Archaeological Research Center, and also as an archives assistant at the Archive and Special Collections of USD’s I.D. Weeks Library. Her particular area of interest is historical archeology.



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