Finding a Bold Future — John Walker

John Walker

John Walker, Class of 2022

Choosing a college or university in the same city that you’ve grown up and lived in your whole life can be a barrier for students to get past. Do I really want to go to college just across town from where I’ve lived my entire life?

John Walker, a sophomore at Augustana, had an answer to that question — yes.

The Sioux Falls native has always been aware of the opportunity to go to Augustana and after touring larger schools, Walker found his way back to the city where he grew up, excited about Augie.

Walker said, “I always knew that Augie was a place I wanted to go and I look at it like, ‘I get to go here.’”

The amount of opportunities that Augie had to offer was too much for Walker to pass up.

“When I looked at the benefits of staying in Sioux Falls, it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else,” said Walker.

For Walker, those benefits include being close to family, friends and even internship opportunities.

“Being able to walk to my internship has been so great and convenient. It’s really made things easy for me.”

As an Augustana Student Association (ASA) Senator, Walker works with students all over campus to help make life at Augie better for everyone.

Even as Walker gets ready to enter his junior year, he wants to stay involved and stay busy while also preparing for law school. Although he’s not sure where that may take him, he’s confident that Augie has prepared him for everything that comes with that journey.

“When I visited Augie and met students here, they were all so driven and knew that they wanted to be here. It was really reassuring to me.”

That reassurance has helped Walker this spring, as COVID-19 has thrown university operations into unknown territory. Walker — along with all other AU students —  has transitioned to online learning as a result of the novel coronavirus.

“While I can't say that it is the best situation, I will say I have the best professors to get us through it,” said Walker.

Although the semester took an unexpected turn, Walker says he knows the Augustana community has his back.

“I am just so glad that I have people around me that are so supportive and willing to help me even in stressful times like this. I am sure when we are back to normal, we will be stronger and have grown from what was holding us back.”