Augustana Welcomes All Faiths

As a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Augustana nurtures the search for a mature religious faith and relates faith and values to learning and service. We come from a variety of faith backgrounds and welcome all religious traditions, celebrating the opportunity to learn from one another as we continue on our spiritual journey. As a community, we are committed to knowing and serving our neighbor.

Augustana Student Congregation Welcome Statement

A Reconciling in Christ Congregation
Come to me,
All who believe, all who wonder,
and all who don’t know what to think;
All who are joyful, all who suffer, and all who are complacent;
All who are homosexual, or heterosexual, or bisexual,
and all who simply don’t know;
All who are male, all who are female, and all who are transgender.

Come to me,
All who are young, all who are old, and all who know no age;
All who are black, or white, or brown, or tan, or yellow, or purple,
or blue, or red, and all combination of hues;
All who give grades, all who receive grades,
and all who wish there was a better way;
All who love, all who long to be loved,
and all who do not know love.

Come to me,
All who are healthy and all who are unwell;
All who hurt and all who are hurting;
All who judge and all who are judged;
All who feel included and all who feel left out.
Come to me, all. I will give you rest.

Come as you are.

You are welcome.