Creating a New Student Organization

Student organizations seek University and/or ASA Recognition in order to receive important resources that can help ensure their success. These benefits include: an @ole email address, a business office account, and a Viking Central web page. Students who want to form a new student organization at Augustana just need to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Meet with Campus Life Staff to discuss the purpose and goals of the club. Additional discussions might be needed depending on the mission of the club and how that relates to other entities on campus. (ie. Sport Clubs meet with Mark Hecht; Faith-based groups meet with Chapel staff)
  2. Prepare the necessary information that meets the Requirements for Recognition and log into Viking Central to "Create a New Organization".
    1. Constitution    a founding document outlining the purpose of the organization and the leadership structure (not necessarily vertical or traditional in nature). A template is provided with guidelines what to include.
    2. Faculty/Staff Advisor    committed faculty/staff advisor    will need contact info.
    3. 10 members    student members, can include your leadership team    will need augie email addresses    and phone numbers for student leaders.
    4. Decide between university recognition and ASA recognition. ASA recognition includes the access to funding.
  3. If seeking ASA Approval, attend the "So Your Group is ASA Approved    Now What?" Session
    1. Upon successful completion of the Session, the Assistant Director for Student Engagement will notify the ASA Treasurer that the start-up funds can be deposited (does this make sense? Or should it be automatic?)
    2. ASA Treasurer will copy the President on the email that requests the funds be transferred (or president will be sent something in Viking Central through the finance tool)