MAYB Basketball Photos 2019


To see photos from this year's 2019 tournament, including the 3-point shootout, dunk contest, dinner, speakers, and winners!






3rd/4th Grade Boys

1st Place- Showtime Hoopers Black

2nd Place- Pierre 

3rd Place-  Arena Lazzo

5th Grade Boys

1st Place- JCC Elite

2nd Place- BBA Force 11U Sabers

6th Grade Boys- Blue

1st Place- Tri-State Ambush 12U

2nd Place- CYAL Rebels


6th Grade Boys- Gold 

1st Place- NorthWest Iowa Force


2nd Place- Arena-Meyer


3rd Place- N/A

7th Grade Boys-Blue

1st Place- United Sports Academy Blue

2nd Place- Lennox

3rd Place- Sacred Hoops 13U

7th Grade Boys-Gold 

1st Place-Aberdeen Eagles


2nd Place-Showtime Hoopers


3rd Place- Wayne White


7th Grade Boys-White

1st Place- Iowa Barnstormers 


2nd Place- Eagles United (Photo Not Available) 

3rd Place- Canistota (Photo Not Available) 


Boys 8th Grade-Blue 

1st Place- SD Network


2nd Place-Eagles United

3rd Place-Fremont (Photo Not Available) 


Boys 8th Grade-Gold

1st Place-Aberdeen Central


2nd Place-Norfolk


9th/10th Grade Boys - Blue

1st Place- Venom 15U


2nd Place- Vermillion (Photo Not Available) 

3rd Place- Sacred Hoops 16U (Photo Not Available) 


9th/10th Grade Boys Gold

1st Place- Minnesota Suns 16U


2nd Place-Norfolk


3rd Place-Sacred Hoops 15U (Photo Not Available) 


9th/10th Grade Boys White

1st Place-Minnesota Suns 15U

2nd Place-Oakland (Photo Not Available) 


Boys 11th/12th Grade Gold 

1st Place-Sacred Hoops 17U


2nd Place- Brandon Valley Lynx 


3rd Place- Norfolk Area D-League Black

Boys 11th/12th Grade Blue

1st Place-BBA Force 17U-Burkett

2nd Place-BBA Force 17U-Hennen (Photo Not Available) 


3rd/4th Grade Girls

1st Place-Brandon Valley


2nd Place-SD Network


3rd Place-Iowa Select


Girls 5th Grade

1st Place- Mitchell


2nd Place- Wildcats 


6th Grade Girls

1st Place- SD Network


2nd Place-Brandon Red


3rd Place- Tea Lady Titans


7th Grade Girls-Blue

1st Place-Iowa Barnstormers


2nd Place- Flandreau Fliers


7th Grade Girls-Gold 

1st Place-SD North Stars


2nd Place-Boji Select (Photo Not Available) 

3rd Place-BBA Fierce 13U


8th Grade Girls

1st Place- SD North Stars


2nd Place-Sacred Hoops 14U


3rd Place-BBA Fierce 14U



Girls Junior Varsity

1st Place-Iowa Barnstormers 

2nd Place- SD North Stars (Photo Not Available)

3rd Place- SD Thunder (Photo Not Available)


Girls Varsity 

1st Place- West Central United 16U

2nd Place- West Central United 15U 

3rd Place- Sacred Hoop 17U (Photo Not Available)